The bearded dragon is some of the most amazing pets that you can ever have in your possession. They are good to be close to which has made them some of the most sought pets in the world. They look like miniature dinosaurs which makes many people love them. Moreover, their colours are so attractive and they have been bread to great morphs by many breeders. Their easy maintenance and docile nature ensure that makes it easy for any interested person to take care of their needs. In this article, we will look at bearded dragon cage.

Bearded dragons live for several years which means that you will enjoy the view of these attractive animals for a very long period of time. If you have an idea of having some of these bearded dragons as pets, you will have to carefully plan for their enclosure. This can only be done by understanding their characteristics and considering their needs. Identifying the right kind of enclosure is one thing but selecting the correct décor and light for them is another? You also need to control the temperatures within the cage for their best survival and good health. Once you provide all these requirements to your animal, it will not be hard for you to keep it comfortable and healthy.

Bearded Drago Cage

When building a cage for your bearded dragon, you should highly consider the floor space. They do not like climbing so much like the chameleons hence they do not need a lot of vertical space. However, they largely need some horizontal space which keeps them busy moving from one place to another. This simply means that an enclosure that has a large horizontal space is more suited for bearded dragons than the one with large vertical space. Moreover, the size of your dragon determines the size of your tank. Large dragons require a large enclosure that can accommodate their big size. One of the best ideas when setting up an enclosure for a bearded dragon is obtaining a large enough enclosure that you think you will need over time than progressively larger enclosures.


Glass Cage

This kind of an enclosure is the most common in housing bearded dragons and reptiles of its kind and size, It is often chosen as an enclosure for bearded dragon It is good due to their docile nature. It is also considered better because it is more economical than many other enclosures. If you need one of these glass enclosures, you can easily find them in the pet stores or even in the local marketplaces hence they are not hard to find. However, these enclosures are heavy with less insulation. Such a heavy enclosure is so hard to move from one place to another and you even face the risk of it breaking. It might not be a problem to the bearded dragons if the enclosure is not insulated but some pet owners have reported that the lack of insulation leads to lower temperatures in the cage which in return make the dragons to have a light colour on the skin.

Melamine cage

This is the type of a cage that is made up of melamine board. This is a wood type with a laminated finish coating. Note that these types of enclosures are readily available in the local pet stores. They provide a feeling and look like that in the zoo. It simply means that if you decide to keep your bearded dragons in such type of an enclosure, you will only be able to see them from one side. If you want the cage to be able to reflect light. You can paint its inside with a white colour. Moreover, the installation of artificial rocks can be done on the sides and the back of the cage which makes it look like the natural habitat.

PVC Cage

Compared to a melamine enclosure, a PVC enclosure is easy to move around. This is because it is made up of plastic. However, you should note that the PVC confines are more expensive compared to the melamine cages. With their fine look and ease of portability, these cages are more appealing to many farmers than the glass or melamine confines.


It is very essential to look for the kind of cage that will ensure good health and survival of your pet. Moreover, the kind of cage that is appealing and does not cost a lot is better. You can choose between a glass enclosure, a professional cage, PVC cage, a Melamine cage or a glass enclosure. Through this, you will be able to provide the bearded dragon with an artificial home away from the natural home.