Best Toenail Fungus Cream

When fungi affect the toe nails, it becomes much harder to prevent and cure them. People struggle all the time trying to get rid of them with no results. In many cases, our toe nails gets affected by applying many products that are not fit and recommendable. Well, you may be one of the many people around the world struggling with toenail fungus. The good news is that you do not have to struggle anymore. Below are some of the best toenail fungus cream that will help you walk confidently again.

Toenail Fungus

Keriderm Rx Toenail Fungus Cream

Looking for the best remedy to treat your toenail fungus that has no side effects? To treat toenail fungus get Keriderm RX toenail cream for the best results. This is an advanced antifungal cream that has been recommended to treat toenail fungus. Again. You do not have to worry about toenail fungus recurring after application. This product has been clinically approved to have ingredients that prevent the infections from coming back once treated since they penetrate deep in the skin to destroy the infected skin layers. It contains tolnafte formula that helps kill fungus, cosmeceutical cream that is recommended for healing damaged nails and tissues and peppermint and yarrow invigorate that helps in growing of new tissues. Additionally, with this product, you do not have to worry of any odor smell after use. It is made of essential oils and antibacterial which have a refreshing aroma smell.

Clotrimazole Cream

One of the best toenail fungus treatment fighter is Clotrimazole cream. Well, many people acknowledge this cream for its popularity of curing skin infections and treating yeast infection. However, with the scientific studies that has been done, it has been prescribed as the best cream to treat toenail fungus since it contain azole antifungal ingredient that works best in prevention of fungus growth. Although it has been prescribes for many other uses, clotrimazole has been recommended to prevent the causes of fungus infections thus you will be having double advantages. It will help cure the toenail infections and also prevent your toenails from getting the infections again. Are you afraid of getting a cream that requires a lot of energy and time to use? Clotrimazole has got you. Just by rubbing it around the affected area with clean hands is enough for the procedure required. If you get clotrimazole cream for your toenail fungus infections then you have the best cream.

Peppermint Foot Cream

Looking forward to getting rid of toenail fungus completely? Promote your toe nails health by getting peppermint foot cream. This cream is not only used for toe uses but it is also known for its ingredients that penetrate through the skin and under the nails smoothly killing all the bacteria and fungal infections in the easiest way. Again, toenail fungus infections are caused by walking barefoot for long distances which leaves your legs and toes tired and sometimes cracked. Due to this condition, the skin gets high possibilities of been attacked by fungi around the toe. Well you do not have to worry about that anymore. Peppermint foot cream helps in moisturizing and drying your toes that helps heal the cracked and dry parts thus lowering the chances of fungi attacks. One of the best things in acquiring this cream is that, apart from healing the toenails fungus, peppermint foot cream has omega 3 ingredient that naturally helps in skin softness and enhances circulation. By getting this product, you are assured that your toes will not only be healed from fungus but they will also get healthy due to the natural antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients. Tired of worn and toenails fungus? This product is the best to get.

Tolnaftate Cream

To deal away with toenail fungus, you may also want try tolnaftate cream. This is an anti-fungal cream that is effective in treating toenail fungus in the easiest way. It is also recommended for people who not only want to cure the infections but also fight the cause of fungus infections in all ways possible. In most cases, it is sold without any prescription which means that, it is one of the most easiest products to use. It only requires you to clean the place affected and gently apply the cream for just twice a day.

People use millions of money looking for the best toenail fungus cream to cure the infections. The above products are some of the less expensive products that provide the best results after using. Treating toenail fungus is easy and cheaper if you only make the best choices of the suitable products for your infection. For a complete prevention and treatment, choose one of the above creams for fungus infections. You will not regret your choice.

Guidelines in Building an Appropriate Cage for Ferrets

Your pet has specific requirements when it comes to an appropriate ferret cage. Hence, you will need to plan and build it right so that your new pal will have a great time living in its outfitted housing. An appropriately built ferret cage can make a lot of difference in the health as well as the temperament of your pet, so you really need to make sure it is made to meet your pet ferret’s demands.

The cage should provide adequate space for quality play as well as for relaxation. It also needs to have items that your pet will need to remain satisfied and happy while under your care. As you create an appropriate man-made habitat for your ferret, you will also need to consider a ferret-safe litter pan, relaxing bedding, high-quality food, as well as other accessories that will make its new habitat feel like home.

Cage for Ferrets

You have to make sure that you can provide a sturdy, well-designed cage that can provide your pet proper protection. Be mindful that your pet can easily escape from a weakly constructed structure. This can also cause harm to your pet.

Things to remember when building an appropriate ferret cage:

Find the right location for your ferret’s new home

Find a sheltered location to place your pet’s cage in. It should not be built where the temperature could be extremely hot or cold throughout the day. Find a space where you could easily watch your pet while it is inside its cage.

Plan the structure of the cage

Structure your pet’s cage so that it has enough space for both relaxation and play. There should also be a good place for its litter box (or boxes if your pet likes to drop his body wastes in several areas of the cage, as well as appropriate space for its food and water dishes. It is easier to train a ferret to use its litter box (or pan) while it is young, so you better make it a point to teach your pet during its early life stages, so you won’t have problems domesticating your pet as it grows older.

Build your pet ferret’s cage.

Although there are a number of online options when it comes to pet stables, you may want to customize your pet’s new home to get Best Ferret Cages, you can build it yourself if you have a knack. DIY tools

Though there are several options online when it comes to pet cages, you may want to customize your pet’s new home to get best ferret cages,  you can build it on your own if you have a knack for DIY tools. There should be two doors made for your pet’s house — a front door and a smaller side door that can lead to the outdoors. Remember that your pet is a great escape artist, so make sure that everything is in place (properly hammered and nailed) and that there are no sharp or rough edges that can endanger your pet. Make sure that the cage is also made to be safe from intruders. Secure the cage so that predators won’t have a way to get in and harm your pet.

Place the right feeders and waterers for your pet’s cage

Ferrets can’t seem to keep themselves in one place. You will see them roaming around, diving or snorkeling about, causing some of the items in the cage to be thrown off or scattered inside the cage. To keep feeders and waterers in place, make sure to place food for ferret and water bowls that can be attached to the cage. It is also recommended to use a small food bowl as your pet habitually digs in its food bowl. Place the bowl low enough that your pet won’t have difficulty reaching for its food, but it should also be high enough where it will find it difficult to put its paws into the bowl or toss it over. For multi-layered cages, it is best to put more than a set of food and water bowls in the cage.

Add in appropriate beddings for your ferret

Provide different resting places where your pet can either sleep or just hide. Sleep sacks, hammocks, blankets, and other hiding spots to allow your little friend several options to lay its head to just rest or sleep.

Place litter box with the right litter to ensure your pet’s safety and health

Your pet will need to use its litter box every three to four hours, so you need to make sure that it’s made right for its purpose. Avoid litters that can clump, like some cat litters, as it may block your pet’s rectum as it wipes its butt on the litter. Other litters that may not be safe for your ferret are as follows: scented litters, corncob litters, wood or cedar shavings, silica litters, and wood chips.

Make your pet’s cage a lot more fun with toys

Tunnels, squeaky toys, edible chew toys, and anything safe enough that will keep your pet active and happy.

A healthy ferret is a happy ferret. If you can build an appropriate cafe for your pet, as well as provide the right accessories for its cage, your ferret will be a lot happier and safer.

Bearded Dragon Cage Sheet

The bearded dragon is some of the most amazing pets that you can ever have in your possession. They are good to be close to which has made them some of the most sought pets in the world. They look like miniature dinosaurs which makes many people love them. Moreover, their colours are so attractive and they have been bread to great morphs by many breeders. Their easy maintenance and docile nature ensure that makes it easy for any interested person to take care of their needs. In this article, we will look at bearded dragon cage.

Bearded dragons live for several years which means that you will enjoy the view of these attractive animals for a very long period of time. If you have an idea of having some of these bearded dragons as pets, you will have to carefully plan for their enclosure. This can only be done by understanding their characteristics and considering their needs. Identifying the right kind of enclosure is one thing but selecting the correct décor and light for them is another? You also need to control the temperatures within the cage for their best survival and good health. Once you provide all these requirements to your animal, it will not be hard for you to keep it comfortable and healthy.

Bearded Drago Cage

When building a cage for your bearded dragon, you should highly consider the floor space. They do not like climbing so much like the chameleons hence they do not need a lot of vertical space. However, they largely need some horizontal space which keeps them busy moving from one place to another. This simply means that an enclosure that has a large horizontal space is more suited for bearded dragons than the one with large vertical space. Moreover, the size of your dragon determines the size of your tank. Large dragons require a large enclosure that can accommodate their big size. One of the best ideas when setting up an enclosure for a bearded dragon is obtaining a large enough enclosure that you think you will need over time than progressively larger enclosures.


Glass Cage

This kind of an enclosure is the most common in housing bearded dragons and reptiles of its kind and size, It is often chosen as an enclosure for bearded dragon It is good due to their docile nature. It is also considered better because it is more economical than many other enclosures. If you need one of these glass enclosures, you can easily find them in the pet stores or even in the local marketplaces hence they are not hard to find. However, these enclosures are heavy with less insulation. Such a heavy enclosure is so hard to move from one place to another and you even face the risk of it breaking. It might not be a problem to the bearded dragons if the enclosure is not insulated but some pet owners have reported that the lack of insulation leads to lower temperatures in the cage which in return make the dragons to have a light colour on the skin.

Melamine cage

This is the type of a cage that is made up of melamine board. This is a wood type with a laminated finish coating. Note that these types of enclosures are readily available in the local pet stores. They provide a feeling and look like that in the zoo. It simply means that if you decide to keep your bearded dragons in such type of an enclosure, you will only be able to see them from one side. If you want the cage to be able to reflect light. You can paint its inside with a white colour. Moreover, the installation of artificial rocks can be done on the sides and the back of the cage which makes it look like the natural habitat.

PVC Cage

Compared to a melamine enclosure, a PVC enclosure is easy to move around. This is because it is made up of plastic. However, you should note that the PVC confines are more expensive compared to the melamine cages. With their fine look and ease of portability, these cages are more appealing to many farmers than the glass or melamine confines.


It is very essential to look for the kind of cage that will ensure good health and survival of your pet. Moreover, the kind of cage that is appealing and does not cost a lot is better. You can choose between a glass enclosure, a professional cage, PVC cage, a Melamine cage or a glass enclosure. Through this, you will be able to provide the bearded dragon with an artificial home away from the natural home.


A couple of weeks ago, I told you that I was selected to be a part of Nashville’s 2nd Not Wedding. I was nervous, excited and nervous – it was my first ever wedding show. Luckily, it was not the traditional kind of show where gobs of vendors are packed together in a sea of banquet tables and pipe and drape.

My table and a selection of the brand new wedding line

The folks at The Not Wedding have figured this thing out – they throw a huge, fake wedding (but it definitely doesn’t feel fake!) to show brides just what this handpicked group of local vendors is capable of. And let me tell you, these vendors brought it! Each was a local, small business that specializes in some type of wedding-related thing – cakes, invitations, photography, flowers, travel, and the list goes on.

The stunning florals that were hanging over

The cutest married couple of two years renewed their vows during the Not ceremony at The Cannery Ballroom on Wednesday. Then the wedding guests proceeded downstairs for a stunning reception. Tables were styled by florists and wedding stylists, and guests enjoyed a spread of tasty southern bites.

And the cakes. Oh my word the cakes. First of all, there were three wedding cakes and cupcakes to boot! The cakes were gorgeous. Really. Like can-I-get-married-again gorgeous. Then again, who says you have to get married to order a wedding cake, right? And they were equally tasty – get yourself some fresh strawberry cake from Frosted Affair and get back to me. But then I had a cupcake, and it changed my life. I never saw it coming. It was just a little chocolate cupcake, perfectly topped with with cream cheese frosting. You wouldn’t think that could be so life-altering. But it was. So moist (that word is ok when you’re talking cake), so chocolatey…and oh the frosting.  Just give me a minute…ok.  I thank Connie Cakes for introducing me to my new guilty pleasure. I’ll be seeing you Connie. You can count on it

Connie Cakes

There were really too many details to cover them all. You just need to check out these people yourself. They are top-notch. In fact, the people were my favorite thing of the evening. I made some sweet, sweet friends that do just downright good work.  If you are curious about any of them, drop me a note, and I’ll give you the details!

All the beautiful paper goods

And as for me, I was thrilled with how everything for J. Amber Creative turned out. A lot of long days and late nights paid off in the end. I was able to showcase my new wedding suites to excited brides. And hopefully (fingers and toes crossed super tight) I’ll be able to help a few with some beautiful wedding paper goods of their very own. I look forward to it – these orders will be extra sweet, given everything that went in to making them happen.

Some details of my table

And the best part is, I get to do it all again in November! The 3rd Not Wedding will be a good one, folks. Without a doubt. But for now, I’m off to find a nap somewhere.

Up close and personal




FOR THE STAMP GIVEAWAY: Scroll to the bottom of the post to enter via the Rafflecopter widget. And then come back and do some reading!

I’m so excited to add a full collection of return address stamps to the site. I created several stamps for myself for use in the studio, and love the ease and flexibility they bring to my packaging. Not only that, they add that just-right personal touch.


Address stamps are available in two options. The wood-mount stamp is a traditional wooden handled stamp. Ink pads are available in 26 vibrant colors to add on to your order. We also offer a convenient self-inking stamp. This option provides a refillable cartridge inside the stamp, you won’t need a separate ink pad.

Check out the full collection of stamps, and pick one out for yourself by clicking here, or selecting the drop down menu under “shop” at the top of the page.

And to celebrate the launch of these stamps, I’m giving away one wooden stamp with ink pad or one self-inking stamp to one lucky reader! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Entry is only available to addresses within the United States.

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The most wonderful time of the year for most is still a few months away. However, here in the studio, it’s arrived! Minted has begun to announce the winners of their annual holiday card challenge.

This is the biggest challenge Minted holds each year, and the numbers don’t lie! There were a total of 4,103 designs submitted from 481 artists around the world.

Minted is counting down to the top designs, and so far has announced the top 21 – 50 designs. And I have been blessed enough to have TWO designs place.

jamber creative jamber creative

That’s my Snowy Woods design at number 24, and my Family Album design at 42. I can’t wait to see what gorgeous designs take spots 1-20 as Minted reveals those winners over the next few weeks.


I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes designing lately for Minted, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a design or two that I’ve been working on. Quite a few Minted Design Challenges have transpired lately, and I have some fun creations to share that will be available on soon!

First, Minted has introduced a brand new category of stickers! The five designs above were chosen among over 1,100 entries to be sold. Some coordinate with designs I already have for sale, and some are brand new creations.

Next, came the big wedding challenge, which is one of the biggest of the year. I submitted a varied selection of designs, from uber minimal to over-the-top romantic. Below are just a few of my favorites, and ultimately, sweet and romantic won out. That beauty in the upper left corner got selected by Minted to be sold coming this Spring!


And while my favorite of the bunch didn’t get selected (that modern criss-crossed design on the bottom right), the good news is that I will be launching a group of brand new wedding suites on J. Amber Creative, inspired by these entries. I can’t wait for you to see them!

And lastly, I’ve had baby fever! No, not that kind. I’ve been creating brand new birth announcements for Minted’s annual birth announcement challenge. Voting is still happening now, so if you’d like to vote for these and many many more, head over to Minted and cast your vote on which designs they should sell!

jamber creative



Recently, I was asked to be part of a beautiful styled shoot along with some crazy talented wedding vendors. Ashley of Photography Anthology dreamed up a fresh and light take on a winter wedding, using cheerful and warm citrus as the inspiration.

I created the invitation suite by mixing vintage illustrations with a modern layout and incorporating a touch of kraft paper for texture.

You can see the whole shoot featured here on Cottage Hill.



Or, save the date! In designing wedding related paper goods, one of my favorite things to create are Save the Dates. I love the sneak peek of a couple’s wedding invitations or sharing those beautiful engagement photos.

I recently created some new designs for Minted, which will launch in a few months. I focused on classic, chic style with elegant and timeless fonts. Here’s a look at those upcoming designs.